Meet Our Team
We are a team of real estate experts, with shared values, deep sectoral experience and extensive networks. Our team has a proven track record in structuring capital for a wide range of real estate assets and large, complex transactions. Our Board and Governance Committees are made up of highly experienced real-estate, banking and private equity leaders.
Frank Strauss
Randeesh Sandhu
Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer
Daljit Sandhu
Co-Founder + Chief Operating Officer
Karen Dunstan
Co-Founder + General Counsel
Susan Geddes
Board Director + Credit Committee Chair
Joseph Knoll
Board Director
Luke Doramus
Marc Murray
Mark Crader
Credit Committee Member
David Jerrard
Chief Credit Officer
Ben Lynch
Senior Director, Credit
Stefano Zucca Marmo
Chief Finance Officer
Boris Rumak
Credit Director
Andrew Whittaker
Director, Legal
Benoit Fesquet
Associate Director
Jitender Chaudhary
Associate Director
Sandra Dewar
Personal Assistant