Brand Story

Our name and brand identity represent our ability to sum up the complex worlds of capital and real-estate.


Short form text that sums up the important points.

UK /ˈprey-see/ US /ˈprey-see/

We invented a symbolic language
Symbols that represent capital
Symbols that represent construction
Our outlook

While the worlds of capital and real-estate development might look a little different, they ultimately have the same ambition. Both lender and developer want to make a connection that works, get things built, see healthy returns. They want to leave a positive impact on communities through projects they believe in, whilst also preserving the environment.

But these are two complex worlds, each with their own nuances and quirks. Without clarity and understanding, details get lost, deals falter, projects stall.

That’s where Précis comes in. Through our market-leading finance products, use of technology and team of specialists, we listen, understand, summarise, translate. Distil things to their essence, as only experts can. Clarity leads to confidence, and confidence leads to action.

This is how we connect serious capital to purposeful projects to help real estate stories unfold.

We know that these stories become real communities, and last across generations. They’re world-changing, and we’re proud to play our part.